Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Primary Bulletin Boards

Just thought I'd share pics of the bulletin boards I did for our ward primary. It was lots of fun!

Here's the 2014 theme board.

I used Blockposters to create a large image of the Houston Temple.  I printed it on a glossy, pearl colored paper that I found at the local craft supply store, glued it together and then glued it to poster board (I used packaging tape on the back where I had to join 2 pieces of poster board). 
The back backdrop of the temple is some decorative, clear scrapbooking paper (6 sheets).
For the Lettering, I found a font I liked and printed it in the size I wanted then used it to cut out letters on the paper I wanted (which for this was white poster board). 
Finally, I outlined the board with white lace symbolic of a wedding dress.

Here's the January Theme Board

My goal here was to make it easy for even the youngest children to learn this month's scripture (John 3:16).  I made all the work pictures except for the white mold of Mary and Jesus which I found at the local craft store.  I also found the green paper with black dots at the craft store and a matching ribbon in the sewing  aisle.  I just happened upon the flowers on top in the clearance aisle and couldn't resist.

Every week, since it's my month to teach sharing time, I have all the children read it.  To help the little ones learn it, I read the words and then choose a child to tell me what the picture is.  I'm hopeful they might all have this verse memorized by the end of the month.