Thursday, January 19, 2012

20,000 sheets of copy paper for 2 Pennies...Again!!:))

I just LOVE Office Max! 

They keep giving me free stuff!!!
Here's the scoop:

October, I buy  2 cases of copy paper  (20,000 sheets) for $68  
  • I pay $68 out of pocket and the magic begins...  
  • I get ALL my money back  (minus 2 pennies)  in MaxPerks rewards (it's like a store gift card)!!
November, more FREE rewards deals offered.
  • I order $50 worth of office supplies (i.e. batteries, retractable sharpies, labels).  
  • I use my Oct rewards, pay ZERO out of pocket plus get $50 back in rewards!  
Are you beginning to get the picture?

This weekOffice max again is offering FREE and $0.01 items including cases of paper, heavy duty binders, quality pens
  • You guessed it, I have $64 in rewards
  • won't pay a penny out of pocket PLUS I'll receive even more rewards!

Did I mention I'm saving this from 
the comfort of my own home?


Maxperks Explained:  
  • You need to  sign up  for rewards card (online or in-store).  You are issued a store card with an ID no. which you must use when you make purchases. 
  • When you purchase items (online or store) you give your maxperks number so purchase rewards will be issued to you
  • Create an  online account  in which to view your rewards and to print out your redemption cards.
  • At the end of each month, OfficeMax electronically issues any rewards you may have earned into your secure, online account. This reward will be issued by the end of the following month (usually around the 20th).  In other words, rewards for January purchases will be issued by the end of February.

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