Thursday, February 16, 2012

Constipation in Pregnancy (or in general:)

Have you ever met someone who always seems to be in a foul mood? You know, those people you find it almost impossible to get along with. Chances are they may be suffering from constipation.  Yes, constipation can effect your attitude according to master herbalist, Dr. John R.Christopher.  In his practice, he saw many a personality transformed once their bowels were working properly.  According to Christopher, you should have bowel movements every single day, preferably multiple (3) times per day.

Now, why in the world am I blogging about constipation you may ask?  Well, pregnancy is on the forefront of my mind, and constipation tends to be an issue for women in pregnancy.  I was so ill  my last pregnancy, that constipation is the last thing I want to worry about...but as it turns out there just might be a relation between the two.  The better the bowels work, the better overall wellness you will feel.  A friend who is currently pregnant  notices that the more constipated she is, the worse she feels. Christopher had this to say about the subject (and I highly recommend reading more about it here): 

Over ninety percent of all diseases and malfunctions of children's bodies (as with adults) stem from the unclean intestinal tract. The body of man must be kept clean inside and out, to perform his daily tasks efficiently and smoothly. This body is the housing of the spirit and operating force of life. With the spirit commanding a good clean structure, a smoother, happier life is evident. The scriptures tell us that God will not dwell in an unclean tabernacle. We have been told that the body is a temple, or tabernacle of God. This structure must be kept in good repair, and clean, to be a comfortable abode.

Now, on the the Nitty Gritty:

Causes of Constipation:
1. improper diet and living
2. Meat also causes constipation through the fact that it encourages putrefaction of the colon both by introducing putrefactive organisms in great numbers and also by providing material which is best calculated to encourage the growth of putrefactive organisms in the colon.
3. 3. Most persons who suffer from constipation habitually drink too little water.

Herbal Aids
1. Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel Formula (this stuff works well):The average person uses two capsules three times a day, but if necessary may want to use five or more capsules three times a day, and more if needed. Available online ( and most health food stores
2. Cayenne: And if you are brave, you can use it as an enema for obstinate constipation.
3. Kelp: So many of our illnesses result from constipation, and such a large portion of our population suffers from this ailment! Poisons accumulate in the large bowel and are absorbed back into the bloodstream, causing a host of disorders which are not specific in themselves but stem back to the toxic colon. Many people subscribe to enemas and colonics to cleanse the colon, and Dr. Christopher agreed that these may have a place in an emergency, but they should absolutely never be relied upon. In addition to his formula for toning the colon, Kelp can take an important place doing this job. Because of its high natural mineral salt content, Kelp builds the walls of the colon and the iodine, being highly antiseptic, deals with the toxic condition. For this reason, Kelp can be used in all cases associated with auto toxemia, especially in pregnancy. All constipated people should take Kelp daily, with the addition of blackstrap molasses if needed. Few people are really free from constipation, so almost everyone could benefit from the addition of Kelp to the daily diet.

NOTE: One should be wary of an incorrect use of laxatives and purgatives, because liquefied fecal matter is immediately absorbed by the intestinal villi into the bloodstream, and if there be excess, some of it will be thrown out of the bloodstream into the lungs, skin, kidneys, or other organs, producing a chronic toxemia thus laying the foundation for chronic disease.

Juices for Constipation: From personal family experience, any fresh fruit/veg juice (from a juicer) seems to do the trick.  Or try Rhubarb, prune, fig (prune works fast); 3 oz prunes (about 8) once or twice a day works good too (no more in one sitting as it could cause painful gas).

Vegetables for Constipation: Several glasses a day of cabbage broth.

More Vegetables for Constipation: Red Beet, chard, Jerusalem artichoke, green pepper, pumpkin, radishes, summer squash and zucchini.

Here's to a happy, healthy pregnancy!

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