Saturday, September 24, 2011

Old Testament Mad Gab Scripture Mastery Game

Here's my version of Old Testament Mad Gab (scripture mastery)
 which was inspired by another blogger out there when I stumbled across her Doctrine & Covenants version at  Since I've been recently called to teach seminary, I was anxious to give it a go with the OT scripture mastery.  Hope you have as  much fun with these as I did. 

Grab it here: Old Testament Mad Gab Game Cards

By the way, the answer to the card above is...


  1. Thank you for sharing! This is my first year teaching seminary and I think the students will really enjoy this game!

  2. You are quite welcome Debbie/Ruth. It's my first year teaching seminary as well and loving every minute...the OT rocks!

  3. Hi Leanna - Please advise as to how I can print these cards. I love them and want to use them for a "getting to know you" activity in YW. I've tried all the printing tricks I can think of and the images come out in Greek-type lettering and I'm also unable to get the pages to fit on one page (even in landscape)

    1. Between having a baby and cancer, I honestly forgot how to do it myself! Scribd has changed their format I think, and I can't figure it out either!! Cryin' shame really! I know the key is being able to download and save the pdf to your computer. So if you will shoot me an email at I will email you the document until I figure out how to share it more easily. Thanks and Enjoy!

    2. OK, so I've changed the link. We're going low tech here. It's now a Google Drive document which should give you no problems (fingers crossed of course)! Thanks!

    3. It worked great for me, thanks for sharing!