Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seminary Attendance Sheet (CSTAR Friendly)

I searched high and low for a seminary attendance roll sheet that would work well for us LDS seminary teachers.  I found some cute ones but needed something that would make it less of a chore come time to enter attendance into CSTAR.  Thus, here is my creation:

Why all the different colors?  It's actually not for looks at all...some of my students had problems keeping to their own attendance line which made for a huge mess (shading every other line 1 color did not help).  My answer is to assign students their own uniquely colored line.

You will find places to quickly add up total scripture reads, absents(A) and tardies (T).

If you list students in alphabetical order, it will be a breeze to transfer into CSTAR.

Finally, it's an Excel spreadsheet so you can change it to meet your needs.


  1. Hi , this is perfect for my class!! im so glad i found your blog viA PINTEREST. Is anyone having problems downloading? it prints only the words, not the graph. is it a PDF? THANK YOU!!!!

  2. I can't get it to download either, I get the picture of the form but not the capability of downloading it. :(