Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun with Balloons Activity

This balloon activity was a roaring success with the kiddos at our weekly mommy preschool group.  The original idea, which I tweaked, came from Margaret Read MacDonald's book entitled Bookplay: 101 Creative Themes to Share with Young Children ( link). 

 Supplies Needed:
  1. Balloons (minimum of 2 per child---1 for play &1 for balloon craft below)
  2. Mirror
  3. 3 Storybooks about balloons such as these (more Amazon links):
  4. Balloon Person Craft
    • construction or printer paper to make eyes & feet
    • crayons or markers to color eyes & feet
    • permanent markers to draw balloon features
    • tape
  5. Snacks & drinks
The Activity

Have children sit "criss-cross applesauce" in a circle. 
Do not give out any balloons yet, just hold one up for kids to see
  • Ask what sort of things you can do with a balloon (blow it up, pop, toss it, bump it, etc)
  • Read Story #1
  • Take 1 balloon and have kids pass it around the circle while singing the following words (to the tune "The Farmer in the Dell")
    • We're passing the balloon, we're passing the balloon. Hi Ho the Merry O, We're passing the balloon.
    • We're bumping the balloon (bump the balloon lightly to each other)
    • We're kissing the balloon
  • Read Story #2
  • Balloon Races (blow up balloons but do not tie; on count of 3 everyone let's go of their balloon)
  • Balloon Orchestra (blow up balloon but do not tie; on count of 3 everyone makes music with balloon by pulling/stretching apart the rubber just below opening)
Now give each child their own blown-up & tied balloon
  • See who can bump their balloon in the air the longest without it touching the ground
  • Balloon Static:  have children rub balloon on their heads to create static electricity.   Use a mirror to show the children how their hair is drawn toward the balloon.
  • Read Story #3
  • Craft: Make a balloon person.  I provided feet templates which the children decorated (see the work of my 2 yr old below); the moms drew the eyes which children stuck on with tape; moms drew mouth/nose if children desired with a permanent marker.  Be creative, there are lots of ways to do this activity and many more balloon crafts besides this (you can Google "balloon crafts for kids" to find lots of ideas and pictures)
  • Snack Time

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