Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Park Safari Adventure

Who says your third trip to the park this week has to be a bore?  On our last outing, my munchkin forgot all about the swings as we embarked on a safari advanture.  You'd be surprised at what we found at a little park in the middle of the city.

I couldn't believe the numer of squirrels we found.  Some were foraging for food, others posing as statues, and of course those daring tightrope (phoneline) walkers.  I must admit, these little critters are hilarious to watch.  My little 2 yr old was perplexed that they wouldn't come to her beck and call yet they would allow her to run up menacingly close before scurrying up a tree just barely out of arms length (such a tease:)  And have you ever noticed just how acrobatic these little fellows are?  They'd leap from tree to tree without breaking a teenie squirrel sweat!  They were definately our favorite of the day.

To our next surprise, in a tiny creek bed, we found turtles.  They blended in so well against the dark rocks and rustic wood that only a safari hunter on the look out would have even noticed their stealth position.  Whoever coined the term "slow as a turtle" should have seen how these critters disappeared in a blink (literally) when we stepped too close for their liking.  I peered into the water trying to find their new position and all I saw were tiny minnows (our next find of the day)!  If I see them on a future trip, I'll inquire into their magic disappearing act.

I don't know what I like more about birds---their beauty, their variety, or their songs
It was fun to see them hop from limb to limb or chase each other (the big birds like to bully & chase the small ones). Once again, my little one was quite indignant when they refused to stand still as she charged them full speed ahead.  There were no ducks or geese to feed on this trip (another favorite activity) which was a relief because I forgot the bread.

So go ahead, I double dog dare you! 
Make your next park day a magical safari adventure.


  1. Much Thanks...but unfortunately, I can't take credit for these wonderful photos because I didn't have the good sense to take my camera with me on our outing! Who knew?! So I looked long and hard and found these great stock photos which represent our adventure perfectly:))